Will a cowhide rug work in my room?

Will a cowhide rug work in my room?

We’re spending more time than ever in our homes. Thus, it’s more imperative than ever for those spaces to be pleasing to our eyes. Few things can dramatically freshen up an interior than a cowhide rug. While their versatility can’t be overstated, their popularity throughout eras is due to just one thing: they are gorgeous.


To celebrate the arrival of our new stock of cowhides our January Cowhide Sale continues. For the rest of this month, you can get these beautiful, quality rugs for $100 off the normal price.


No matter what your current motif is, you can incorporate a cowhide in a way that transforms the space in a striking way. Or if you’ve grown tired of the current aesthetic and want to shoot for something completely different, there are few better starting points than a new rug.


Here are three ideas for how to work a cowhide into your living spaces:


Make light work in more than one way


If you have a space with a lot of lighter neutrals or a whitewashed scheme, there is no better way to have a stark contrast than with one of our rugs. The more bold the pattern and the deeper the tone of the cowhide, the better.


Pink Cowhide Sewing Room


It will not only immediately draw the eye but make the space feel more grand and luxurious, as well. If you don’t have any spaces that fit this description, be not forlorn. The next suggestion might be more your style.


Treat your hardwood like you should


One of the reasons hardwood floors are so popular is because they’re an illuminating backdrop for everything that goes on them. That applies to cowhides as much as it does everything else. This is where rugs that have less common colorways - like a lighter brown and more of an eggshell than a true white - can really shine.


Layered Gray Cowhide Rugs


So what if you’re working with a busier canvas or have carpet in the room? There’s no reason you should feel left out here.


Doubling down on cozy and fun


Carpet is still an attractive option for designers simply because it’s soft to the touch and has a practical side too, working as an insulator. Just because you have carpet doesn’t mean you can’t add more cozy to a room with a rug, though! Just make sure the cowhide you choose has a tone that works with your carpet.


Cowhides are also super-versatile in that they can work as a neutral in a room otherwise full of patterns. To do this, identify a colorway that is consistent throughout the decorative pieces in a room, then pick a rug that fits within that palette. Instant grounding for your eclectic pieces!


Cowhides on Carpet


The $100 off sale ends when January ends, so check out our stock online or stop in to check out our hides in person soon. We can’t wait to see all the beautiful and clever ways our customers make their homes their own with our rugs!


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