Lake Aitlan in San Lucas, Toliman, Guatemala

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Lake Aitlan in San Lucas, Toliman, Guatemala

A year ago today we were wrapping up a week in Guatemala working with the San Lucas Mission. This morning on my run I was remembering our time there, and also our friends in Haiti. Thinking about the smells and sounds of other villages and how much I miss going other places. Where is the first place you’ll go once you get the chance to break away from out self-induced quarantines?? 


Here is a little more about our trip to Guatemala, I highly recommend you put this on your bucket list.


Visiting Lake Aitlan in Guatemala

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San Lucas, Guatemala

My youngest son and I visited San Lucas, Guatemala in the summer of 2019.  We went to work with the Friends of San Lucas and their mission.  If you are looking for a new spot for taking your family to do missionary work - this is the perfect way to ease into it.  And it's a great vacation spot if mission work isn't your thing.  It's so stunningly beautiful - check out some of our Guatemala photos here.  It's also reasonably priced.  And there is a ton to do. San Lucas is on Lake Aitlan and is one of seven villages on the 50 square mile lake.  You can take a boat to a different village each day to have new foods, explore the village, go zip lining and hiking through the volcanoes and coffee fields.  For more information about Lake Aitlan go here.


If you do want to dip your toe into the mission - but you're not super into religion - this is a great start.  Friends of San Lucas Mission was found by a Catholic priest named Fr. Greg.  While it is a Catholic-based organization the focus is really on supporting the development in the communities of San Lucas in Toliman, Guatemala.  You will learn about the entire mission - their unique programs including a women's center, coffee program, a school and hospital, plus a building program to support the community who needs a hand up.  They employ over 100 people in San Lucas.  We love mission trips for so many reasons but it's the getting nitty gritty with the locals, seeing what makes them smile - not just seeing the tourist sites - that makes it so compelling.


We brought home some items from the Women's Center to sell in the shop.  100% of the money the ladies makes goes straight to them - the mission doesn't take any of it. 
Check out our Guatemalan Inventory HERE.



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