What IS Galentine's Day anyway??

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What IS Galentine's Day anyway??

If you’re a Parks and Rec fan, you’re familiar with the concept of Galentine’s Day. From the mouth of Leslie Knope (portrayed by Amy Poehler), Galentine’s Day is an annual celebration of one’s friends, held on Feb. 13. The gag on the show was that true to the character’s form, Knope went huge in her marking of the event, giving superfluous gifts and making gestures that would be understated if called grand.


At Cactus Creek, we fully support not only the concept of Galentine’s Day but the notion of ridiculous pomp in the celebration. At some point, all holidays were just made up, right? It’s time to normalize Galentine’s Day as the day we wax eloquent about our loved ones and lavish them with things they don’t need.


To that effect, here are three suggestions to get you started. Remember, VIP Club Members get 20% off all these items and more!


The spirit of Galentine’s Day in book form


Nothing embodies the intent of Galentine’s Day more than going on forever about why someone means so much to you and everything you like about that person. The You’re Awesome Because: Fill In The Love Book has 25 pages for you to fill doing exactly that.


You're Awesome Book Journal


Don’t think you can fill 25 pages on your own? Worry not, the book lends a hand with a prompt on each page. There’s plenty of room for you to say all you want to say, though. If you want to get a friend something even sweeter, we’ve got you covered, as in chocolate-covered.


Supplying your friends with must-haves


Chocolate-covered fruit is a trusted gift because it’s chocolate and it’s also fruit, so, that’s better than just gorging on sugar, right? We’ve got an 8 oz. bag of Chocolate Covered Blueberries from the South Bend Chocolate Company.


Also from the same manufacturer, if your friend is into the salty sweet combination, we have an 8 oz. bag of Sea Salt Crunch popcorn with a chocolatey drizzle.


Chocolate Covered Blueberries


Finally, if you want a gift that can double as activities for your Galentine’s Day Party, we’ve got the perfect item.


Stories galore


Sharing stories is a vital experience for building relationships. That’s how we mutually come to understand who our friends are and what’s important to them.


This card set from Base Camp is not only a full set of playing cards but each card comes with a fun question that you can use to start hours’ worth of conversations. The entertainment value here is worth much more than the price of the set.


Galentine’s Day can be a great opportunity to create memories with your priceless friends. We can provide you with a lot of what you need, including the alcohol out of The Cellar. Hit up our website today or stop by the shop this week to get ready for Feb. 13!


Base Camp Playing Cards


Wine and Beer Gifts


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