Update on Shop Status 03.24.2020

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Today is Tuesday March 24th, 2020.  

We have new things arriving DAILY and we are shipping DAILY. And of course curbside pick up if you're in the neighborhood - or even if you're out of the neighborhood and need to take a drive.

Cary is busy at home putting together purchase orders + posting things online while I am in the shop every day getting things to you. We are doing FB Lives every day and I imagine I'll start figuring out IGTV also.  And we have some other really fun ideas planned.  So stick with us please!!


I could tell yall I'm not worried at all but I kind of am - this biz is 100% how I support my boys and we already operate on a thin {veerryyy thin sometimes} budget.  But I also know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God has us.  There is a plan.  And we have a community and friends and family that show up.  We are going to be ok and so are you.  I am praying for so many blessings for each of you, for us all to be changed forever in a positive way because this whole thing really will change how we see the world.

love you all, fancy
{shop boss at Cactus Creek}


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