The Women of Weston in 1820 + Other Historical Photos of Weston

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The Women of Weston in 1820 + Other Historical Photos of Weston

"Women march down Main Street in Weston, in support of the passage of the 19th Amendment giving them the right to vote. The amendment was ratified 100 years ago yesterday, Aug. 18, 1920. Photo taken around the time it was ratified. From the book Memories of Weston, Missouri, a Visual History."


Weston MO is rich with history and we are lucky that so many people continue to share our story via Facebook which is where I found all of these photos. I am pretty sure this view is from the bottom of Main Street looking up - I can see what I believe is our building on the right, 3rd building up, just behind the photo's damage. What a great piece of history someone has kept. More photos from Weston follow.  


Weston Baseball 1900



Downtown Weston MO 1950
{it hasn't changed much}


Weston Applefest 1998


Weston, Queen of the Platte Purchase, became a significant mid-nineteenth century Missouri River port community, the second largest port on the river, second only to St. Louis. In 1850 over 265 steamboats a year docked at the Port of Weston.


The population soared to 5,000, surpassing both Kansas City and St. Joseph. After major floods, fires, and the Civil War the bustling town declined to about 1,000. When you see all that goes on here, you may be surprised to learn that over a century later, Weston still has fewer than 2,000 residents.


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    Great photo! All of my family loves your town! We have been there for many attractions very fun& relaxing town.

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