The Cellar at Cactus Creek during the Corona Virus - Grant Application

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The Cellar at Cactus Creek during the Corona Virus - Grant Application


When I transformed the 1850's stone cellar of our traditional retail shop, Cactus Creek, it was just going to be a little beer shop - because I love beer.  But it has become a community gathering place, fundraising space, a cozy place to be with your closest friends, a place people visit from all over the Midwest when they visit our little tourist town of Weston MO, just north of Kansas City.

The Cellar at Cactus Creek will miss at least two fundraising opportunities with the Corona curve.  We will miss surprise parties, wedding rehearsals, Saturday afternoons of a full cellar with people bonding and making lifetime memories.  But what we will gain is SO MUCH MORE. 

With this grant we can spread the message that beer shops, bars and cellars are more than just a place to drink - they are a place to gather, create generosity, change lives + support community.  So that when we are on the other side of the Corona curve we will appreciate these spaces we share with our neighbors in a fresh and beautiful new way.

The Cellar at Cactus CReek Event Space WEston MO


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