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Link to the sermon from Levi Lusko that set these thoughts into motion is right HERE.


Sabbath - a complete day of rest for the weary soul. I heard a word this week from Levi Lusko about the importance of taking one day a week to be a sabbath day. One day to enjoy the fruits of your labors. One day to be on vacation in your own life in your own home. One day to not be seeking but instead SOAKING UP THE LIFE you’ve created for you & your family.


I had to force myself to do it today. I haven’t checked any numbers or emails all day long. It was so hard.  The last few weeks have been tough and I’ve been over compensating by over working. If I didn’t take a break today then my body was gonna go kuplurt - I just made that word up but y’all can totally use it. Ha!  


I thought the concept of one vacay day a week was pretty sweet. No work work - no house work - just enjoying what you have and the people around you. We bust our butts to go on trips so we can have quality time with our people. What if one day a week we just sat still and had quality time with our people - without having to pack a bag??


I don’t really know the answers here but I’m going to start saying yes to one day of rest and you should too. I know it’s hard, especially if you have littles. But if one day a week is just about them - and not about juggling the kids, the bills, the chores, and everything else - then it will make a shift in your family. A lifetime of weekly sabbaths will change your life. Who’s in with me??


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