Pretzel Bar + KC Craft Co. Brewers and Vinters

Pretzel Bar + KC Craft Co. Brewers and Vinters

We are FINALLY doing another Pretzel Bar!!  I have dreamed about the big fluffly pretzels that Hearth Bakery brings us and I'm excited that they are going to be back on Friday February 28th.  This time we will have KC Craft Co. Brewers and Vinters in The Cellar with tastings of KC Craft Old World Pilsner, plus a couple of wine tastings.


KC Craft is known for making Local beer, for local people, by local people. That means both the beer AND the pretzels will be coming from our Weston neighbors.  I love it that when we collaborate we are all better!!


The cost will be $15/person at the door which includes your pretzel feast, tasting + a cold drink.  Or you can pre-order your pretzel bar below for $12.  Please note that we did sell out of pretzels at the last event!! 


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