Lunch in Lawrence Kansas

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Lunch in Lawrence Kansas

I was channeling a Sunshine State of Mind this morning at 6am as we made our way to the car on one of the coldest mornings we’ve had this fall.  This was a baseball weekend for my 17yo Wyatt. He played all day yesterday in Kansas City and early this morning in Topeka, Kansas - less than 1.5 hours from Weston, straight west on I70. I was adamant that all three boys come along this morning.  After my two weekends at Junkstock I’ve been craving family time with them - and a road trip, even if it was just a quick jaunt. 
The baseball game was FREEZING. I wrapped up in layers of leggings, sweaters and my sari blanket but it was the kind of chill that gets in your bones.
Once the game was over we headed back east on I70 to Lawrence Kansas. Home of University of Kansas, Mass Street shopping, and dozens of breweries and restaurants around town, Lawrence is a great day trip from Kansas City. We picked Lawrence Beer Co. for lunch. It’s a little jaunt off of Mass Street where most of the businesses are located, but worth the quick detour from the main action.
I didn’t try a beer today which is not my norm, but it was a Sunday and I knew it would make me sleepy. The beer list does look awesome though and I’ll get back there with my honey ASAP. The food was good. The boys had burgers and fish and chips. I had chicken and a salad. As always I ended up eating everyone’s left over fries and dipped them into the sauce that came with the fish and chips. I can’t identify what made the flavor so special but Holey Moses. I would go back just for that dipping sauce. So I’m gonna say it was a 7 out of a 10. Worth another try for sure.  FTS
Baseball Mom
Lawrence Beer Company
Lawrence Beer Co.
Lawrence Beer Co.
Beer List Lawrence Beer Co.
Baseball MOm
Baseball Mom


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