What is a sari blanket??

What is a sari blanket??

Kantha Sari Blankets were Cactus Creek’s #1 best seller last year. But what is a sari blanket? They are the perfect light weight blanket made from the same fabric used to make sari dresses in India, 100% cotton, and each one is one of a kind.  Imported from India our sari blankets just get softer with each wash and dry.  They often have a patch, and sometimes even an ink stain, which adds to the primitive character of these blankets.




- $38 each {VIP Price is $30.40}

- 100% cotton - the more you wash and dry them the softer they get

- approx. 4’ x 7’

- each one is one of a kind and reversible

- $3 to ship 

Here is a video with a recent shipment so you can see them a little better.


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