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“As for me and my family, we will worship God.” Joshua 24:15


The most successful people on the planet (success can be measured in many ways) all have ONE commonality – DISCIPLINE.  Discipline is set by your own personal set of principles (boundaries).  Once you have established your principles - and you have drawn a hard line in the sand regarding those principles- most of life’s questions are settled. The guessing game of what to do is not necessary. The previously set principles will determine your course of action. So no matter how sick or tired or broken you are – you know what to do.


That’s how I feel about this verse. This is the number one guiding principle for me and my family - we will worship God. We don’t have to decide each day IF we are going to be faithful – obedient – loving – honest – kind. Our guiding principle of worshipping God has already decided that - we just have to get better on HOW to be those things.


When Joshua said those words out loud it meant these things (via David Guzik):


  • Joshua’s decision meant hesitation was gone.


  • Joshua’s decision meant he lived above the evil influence of others.


  • Joshua’s decision was deep, calm, clear, fixed, well-grounded, and solemnly made.


  • Joshua’s decision was openly made.


  • Joshua’s decision was earnestly carried out.


  • Joshua’s decision was kept through his whole life.


What a beautiful image to know that you know this one thing about you and your family. Your thing doesn’t have to be my thing. My hope for everyone is that they find the thing for them – the thing that gives them and their family peace.


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