Gray Cowhide Rug

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Gray Cowhide Rug

The gray cowhide - everyone wants one but they are so hard to find!! And they are expensive to boot. So we thought we would try something we haven’t done in the last 19 years of selling cowhide rugs. 

We are accepting special orders for gray cowhides for a limited time and for special price.  These gray hides usually sell for $400 each.  We are offering to special order them for $325 each. Yep - $75 OFF!!

Here’s what to do next:

1. Choose gray brindle {above} or sold gray {below}.

2. Click on the PayPal link below to pay for your $75 OFF cowhide.

3. You’ll note gray brindle or solid gray when you pay with paypal.  You can change your mind later - see below.

3. When we receive the cowhides everyone who has ordered one will be contacted immediately and will get to pick the gray hide they love the most. 

4. *** If you don’t love any of them then you get first pick on the next order.

5. *** Per our usual policy - you can exchange your cowhide as many times as you need to until you have found the best one for your space.

QUESTIONS?? Text / call 816-878-2278

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Solid Gray Cowhide