Gift Ideas for the Men in your Life

Gift Ideas for the Men in your Life

Buying a gift for the man in your life is difficult at best - especially for the gadget guy who buys himself every fun new gadget that comes along.  For most men it's the thought that counts so putting a little extra thought into a guy's gift - and the things that matter to him - can make gift buying a fun hunt. 


My rules for all gift buying are to include at least three of these items:
1. Love note
2. Something to wear
3. Something to read
4. Something to use
5. Something a little vintage 


Here are a few of our favorite Gifts for Men from our retail shop in Weston Missouri....


Gift Ideas for the Men in your Life

One of my favorite gift ideas for guys came from my son's girlfriend.  For Christmas she got him stainless steel water bottle and covered it with stickers of the things he loves the most - his jeep, bass pro, and of course Weston stickers



Gift Ideas for the Men in your Life


I love finding and giving vintage books for gifts.  This book - The Big Fisherman - has an inscription on the first page... "To my husband on our third wedding anniversary. June 17, 1949".  So sweet. 


And THIS FISHING HAT has insect shield built into it, perfect for your fisherman.  And sunglasses are never a bad gift.


The Big Fisherman Vintage Book


You could also get your honey a subscription to Cactus Creek's Cellar Sixer Club.  The cost is just $60/year and every time you buy a mix + match six pack you get $12 OFF.  So after 5 six packs you are basically making money.  We also offer private tastings + first releases to our Cellar Sixer Members!!


Cellar Sixers Beer Club from Cactus Creek in Weston MO




Gift Ideas for the Men in your life


A sweet card, a koozie and a hand-picked mixed 6-pack of a guy's favorite beers.
p.s. Mom might like this too!! {me, please!!}



Gift Ideas for Men

A card for your guy, a hat because you can never have too many, and fun vouchers that keep the celebration going for a while.



Gift Ideas for the men in your life

Coffee mugs are always perfect + used endlessly, a little Red, White + Blue, and SOCKS - also always a favorite.


Good luck and HAVE FUN creating a gift just for your guy.  Something personal that makes him laugh and know how much he's loved.


Gifts for Men from Cactus Creek





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