Day Drinking Weston MO Tshirt

Day Drinking Weston MO Tshirt

Weston MO is known as a great place for a little day drinking... from our historic McCormick Distillery, three wineries, neighboring Whiskey Snug at Celtic Ranch, to Cactus Creek's own Beer Cellar. This Great tee from Weston MO and Cactus Creek shows your love for our famous watering holes.  Super soft unisex tshirt available in sizes Small - XXXL right HERE.

The rest of the story.... Over the last year we have added Weston MO tshirts, stickers + art to our inventory collection.  I have been wanting to add these for years but could never find the right ideas, money, etc.  Finally we went for it last fall after a trip I took to Gulf Shores, Alabama. We were staying in Dauphin Island, Alabama and took the ferry to Gulf Shores for the day.  Have you been there??  It's super touristy.  Not really my cup of tea, but we had a fun day.  Our friends took a banana boat while some of the kids went with me to the tourist shops.

It was a retail research mission with the goal of gleaning some new idea I could implement.  What I found were customers lined up {me included} to buy souvenir tshirts.  It occurred to me that everyone wants a trophy to prove that they successfully arrived somewhere.  It doesn't even matter where it is, if they like the place, what they learn about the place.  They almost go just for the tshirt.  Soooo I thought let's do that too.  It has been fun to come up with new ideas although it takes me asking everyone and their dog for validation before I hit the ORDER button.  It's always a big gulp to write the check and hope there are no misspellings.  Ha.

Enjoy this one, it's true that day drinking in Weston is a favorite activity.  And come by our Cellar soon!!  It's particularly cozy for a little afternoon beer or wine.


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