Dashfire Cocktail Tasting

Dashfire Cocktail Tasting

Our Dashfire Cocktail tasting on Friday night, January 17, 2020 was a small gathering due to an ice storm.  But for those who came we were all surprised + delighted by these tiny 100ml cocktails.  They bring a new level of flavor profiles - Lavender & Lemon Martinis - Fig & Caracas Manhattans - and a White Russian that was the favorite by all being compare to a creamy & delicious little egg nog.


All of that and these cans are the perfect size for packing in your purse or pockets.  Take them to go for your next evening with friends - they are an ideal hostess gift.  After a weekend of rave reviews The Cellar at Cactus Creek will definitely be stocking these for a long time to come.


Dashfire is based in Minnetonka, Minnesota and is the brain child of Lee Egbert.  "Lee is driven by an unending curiosity coupled with an appetite for travel and a desire to learn all he can about the flavors and spices of different cultures.  Lee lived in China for a year and a half, and has also travelled extensively in Thailand, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize, where he had the opportunity to learn first-hand about local herbs and spices as well as spirits and food.  The inspiration for all Dashfire products is drawn from these experiences and flavors."  - dashfirebitters.com




Dashfire Ready MAde cocktails in a can



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