$10 Leggings Subscription Update

$10 Leggings Subscription Update

Hey everyone!! We are almost through the second month of our $10 Leggings Subscription.  We launched it on March 1st, 2020 and then the great hibernation fell upon the world.  Because many of our suppliers are in California they were unable to ship to us and that delayed the leggings.  BUT I found a different supplier who has the same bad ass leggings we all love and got them shipped out TODAY!!!  Check out the video for more information or CLICK HERE to get signed up for the best $10 you can spend each month.




Every envelope includes your leggings {available in One Size and Curvy Girl}, plus a love note + a page from a vintage book.  I'm not sure why I started the book pages, it's kind of random, but I love the idea of using the books for something good because I can't stand the idea of people just throwing good books away and I know it happens all of the time.


Cactus Creek $10 Legging Subscription


We also have a private FB Group for the folks in our Legging Subscription, just for fun with updates on what's coming next, etc.  Any questions feel free to holler - text anytime to 816-878-2278.  Cheers to all!!  

Fancy Cactus Creek Weston MO


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